Bing- an usual name given to him by his mother when Bing Crosby was famous- is an artist, a musician, a composer and a builder. He was born in St. Anthony, Idaho in 1942, then moved to Archer where he spent the first 8 years of his life growing up in his grandfathers' rough log cabin, in an apple orchard. A place he refers to now as a paradise and his Grandfather as his hero. 

He played freely in the orchard with the sheep and his dog, "pooch." He loved riding in the wagon up to the dry farm in the hills, riding horses, huckleberry picking, and listening to his mother play an old piano and his grandfather play an old violin. Music has been an inspiring part of his life. In High School, after his chores on the farm were done, he designed model cars in the Fisher Body's craftsman's competition for 3 years and won 2nd place in the state. 

Bing served a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Central German mission for 2.5 years. He later served additional missions while living in Washington state. He loved to share truths he knew.

He was about 22 when he met Don Ricks, his mentor in life and art. Don was a sign painter and famous artist from Rexburg Idaho. Bing was attending Ricks College and needed a job, his Uncle John sent him to Don. He learned the basics of sign painting, which became part of his occupation, and he learned that he too wanted to be an artist. 

As a member of the Army Reserves at Fort Ord, California, Bing spent a lot of time painting on the beach. He also made a little money on the side by drawing portraits of his buddies' girlfriends. 

Bing lived in Washington after that and He and his wife Kati raised 6 children while he worked as a home painter, sign painter, and log home builder. He was also a Scoutmaster where he continued to enjoy the outdoors by skiing and hiking Mt Hood and taking his scouts on a 250-mile bike ride from Whibdey Island to Forks.

In Oregon and Washington, he lived in the hills, where he loved being surrounded by nature. In each of his homes, though he was busy earning a living and being a husband and father, he had a room where he could set up his painting. He painted many murals for homes and offices and finished as many paintings as possible.

He moved back to Rigby, Idaho in 1990 where he built log homes in Rigby, Island Park, and Swan Valley. In each of those homes, he offered to paint a landscape mural on a wall. In 1998, it was a very sad time for him and his children when his wife, Kati, passed away from thyroid cancer. 

Years later, he married Diane. About that time, he started writing his own songs. He had played the guitar and sang for his family and friends since he attended Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho. They formed a musical group, Bing playing guitar and banjo, Diane playing the stand- up bass and his friend Charles Benson playing lead guitar. Charles said of Bing's written music, that "the words paint a beautiful picture."

In February of 2019, another challenge came to Bing when he had a stroke. He had to relearn walking, talking, writing and playing his music again. Several weeks after the stroke, Diane, seeing that he was able to use his left hand, put a blank canvas on his easel. The next morning, he started painting and has been painting every day since. It's a little easier now, because as a retiree, he has time to paint full time. He has fully recovered from the stroke, which we feel is a miracle. 

Bing is a member of the Idaho Art Museum in Idaho Falls. Recently a woman told him that she could relate to his paintings because they made her feel like"it's a place I have been." He hopes his paintings invoke feelings of peace and a love of the beauty around us.